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Job description

To strengthen our fleet, we are looking for new experienced colleagues to apply for an international driver position, EU work, for a regular train!

What we offer you:

  • Net 1.050.000-1.250.000 HUF/month disposable income, consisting of a salary, a fixed daily rate for each day spent on the car, a fixed daily rate depending on the type of car and other benefits
  • Flexible, multiple work schedules (3 weeks work/ 1 week rest, 4 weeks work/ 1 week rest, 2 weeks work/ 2 days weekend rest, 3 weeks work/ 3 days weekend rest)
  • Western Europe (Germany, Ruhr, Northern Italy, France, Benelux, Austria)
  • Modern MAN tractors, 1 or 4 compartment, insulated or double insulated semi-trailers
  • Service back-up covering the whole EU
  • Free bus service to the place of work

What we expect:

  • Driving licence category C+E
  • C+E and C+E driving licence
  • C+E and C+E and C+E category II certificate
  • candidate's licence C+E and C+E Candidate's licence C+E Candidate's licence C+E and C+E Candidate's licence C+E
  • full certificate of good repute not more than 3 months old
  • Valid passport
  • An attentive appearance to both your work and your surroundings

If you are interested in our advertisement, please apply at www.gartnerdriver.com and our colleagues will contact you within 48 hours.

Driver job at Gartner Intertrans Hungária Kft

Job Summary
22/02/2023 09:48:28
Published on
international driver's job
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1050000 - 1250000 Ft / month
Driving licence
indefinite duration
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