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Falkland Kft. - Interchangeable locker tours! from 102 to 140 EUR/day worked
Interchangeable locker tours! from 102 to 140 EUR/day worked
Job description

Falkland Ltd.

We are looking for experienced as well as beginners for our tandem replacement body tours.

we offer 1; 2 or 3 weeks training for all drivers.

Our open positions are:

  1. Graben (Munich) 2/1
  2. Forchheim-Vomp (with Forchheim shift) 2/1
  3. Graz - weekly - 2/1
  4. Vienna - Weekly
  5. Regensburg (with change in Regensburg) Weekly or 2/1

exit: company car 2/1, car parking on closed site.


Basic wage(Ft)+80 euro/day worked calculated in euro+on-call settlement

Extra bonuses for drivers with Wabos routine.

loyalty bonusafter 3 months (Ft)+ fuel savings (Ft).

(So calculations: from 102 to 139 EUR/day worked)

Other work-related information:

  • Language skills not required
  • No language required
  • Company car exit
  • Tandem train
  • Billing is mainly in EURO


  1. CE
  2. CCI
  3. Driver card
  4. Peacock
  5. Certificate of good moral character

To enquire, please call the following telephone number:

Tel: +36-70 647-52-99 / Email: b.bihari@falkland.hu

Phone +36/+70-66-66-447 - Tel

About us:

We provide transport services using easily interchangeable interchangeable chassis vehicles specially designed for this type of work for companies such as Deutsche Post, Austrian Post, DPD, Amazon etc. the work is rewarding as the driver is not affected by the loading and unloading process. The majority of our tours are at night, but of course we also have daytime tours. This type of transport has not been adversely affected either by the covid or the recent economic crisis, so we believe that we can offer a secure future to the drivers who work for us.

We are aware that learning to work in a swap body requires training, so we offer an average of 1-2 weeks training to learn how to swap bodies.

Job Summary
04/07/2024 09:53:02
Published on
international driver's job
Job type
Place of work
750000 - 1200000 Ft / month
Driving licence
indefinite duration
Duration of work
normal, 2-1 weeks
Work schedule
English, German, Hungarian
Required language spoken
Email address
Phone number